Artist Bio

Caitlin is a dance artist based in Philadelphia, originally from Huntingdon, PA.  Her dance career has been shifted and shaped by new environments and experiences, and continues to accumulate a history that reflects nuances of this growing person.  In her work, Caitlin aims to activate conversation, self evaluation, and vitality, both personally and collectively.

In her obsession with dance and movement, she tends to concentrate on the body's role in wellness, individuality, and expressions of personal and collective narratives.  To conclude her Master's degree in Dance/Movement Therapy at Drexel, Caitlin conducted qualitative research on the use of dance improvisation for exploring and expressing self and identity.  Lots of cultural, social, and psychological curiosities emerged and were written about in a thesis which you can read here.

As a freelance dance artist, Caitlin has choreographed and co-created works featured in Philly Fringe Festival 2019, RAW Artist showcase, and EMERGE Earthdance multidisciplinary artist residency. Check out her resume for more of what she's been up to in performance and choreography.

Caitlin is a teaching artist with Dancing Classrooms, where she teaches ballroom styles to 5th grade students.  She also teaches an adult dance and wellness class that she curated, called Femme Flow. The class focuses on a movement vocabulary that involves hip-centric movement, individuality, sensuality and control. You can find a more thorough description and details for time and place here.